CD Barcodes

What are CD Barcodes?

CD barcodes are retail barcodes used on CD’s for retail sale. Generally this will mean an EAN-13 barcode or a UPC barcode. The most common type by far in the UK will be an EAN-13 barcode. These are 13 digit barcodes used on all products with the exception of books and magazines.

How much do CD Barcodes cost?

The cost of an EAN-13 barcode for your CD depends on the company that you purchase it from. But they range from 1 pound to a few hundred pounds per year. It is unwise to pay too much for obvious reasons, but at the same time, if a barcode is too cheap, it is difficult to trust that it will be globally unique. We give advise on the best places to get authentic reasonably prices CD barcodes below.

Where to get CD Barcodes from?

The best way to get an EAN-13 Barcode is from a legitimate barcode reseller. As with most things, there are some resellers that are more reputable than others. Members of the International Barcodes Network are a good option (see the links at the bottom of this page). There are a couple of these in the UK including Buy Barcodes UK and

Alternatively it is possible to get an EAN-13 barcode directly from a licensing organisation (which charge annual fees), instead of from a barcode reseller, however this is generally more expensive.

How does the barcoding process work?

The process for getting a barcode on your CD is actually reasonably straight forward. Basically it means purchasing a barcode, receiving the barcode via email with the images. You can then choose whichever format suits you best and incorporate the image into your product packaging. From there, when a retailer receives your barcode for the first time, they will scan the barcode into their system and link it to the product details so that every time the barcode is scanned from that point onwards the product information will automatically appear.

Where to Buy CD Barcodes in the UK

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Where to Buy CD Barcodes Internationally

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